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Hello there gaming universe! I decided to make a separate page to designate my posting schedule. Now, to be fair, I do work and I am a student still mulling his way through college on his pathway to game design glory, so please, be gentle with me. I figured it would be nice for my viewers to know when I may be regularly posting new content, and so here’s how it sits right now. Currently the best days for me to write are Tuesdays and Thursdays when I don’t have work, but if viewership becomes a regular occurrence and I keep getting suggestions for content, or desired wishes to make a specific piece of content a weekly episodic type event – I will.

Currently here’s what I have planned:


Gaming With A Cause/Game of the Week:

I often times love finding indie games, web games, or any sort of game that helps out others. Whether that be in the form of a charity that it’s attached to, a game mechanic that aids players in learning life skills, or a game that enables disabled gamers to interact better with traditional players I’m all for it. If any readers know of some great causes they’d like to promote via game, or if you know of a game that would be wonderful for me to review because of it’s broad accessibility – please send me a link, a note, or something along those lines so I can check it out.

Developer of the Week:

This is a segment where I give homage to my fellow developers and their studios. This segment can range from anything from a great new indie game project, a new technology being used in a developer’s studio, a studio that’s doing a great leap for the world of gaming, a studio I personally admire, etc. It can pretty much range into a lot of different things – but mostly I’m going to try and find lesser known indie studios that have really cool projects in the works. I want to help my fellow gamers get their projects to the masses and every game counts from: iOS, Console, PC, board games, etc. I want to cover it. If you have, or know of, a great project that you think I should look at please feel free to let me know!


Tech Time : 

I love my fellow disabled gamers and I have a passion for seeing their accessibility grow. Tech Time is an opportunity to discuss technological advancements in games. This will range from anything from hardware, software mechanics, interface functionality, social media games, – you name it. If it’s technical and it relates to how disabled and abled gaming members can participate in the gaming universe I want to know about it. If you know of a great article I should check out, a wonderful company I should report on, or get in contact with, or any of the above – I want to hear about it. Please don’t be shy because you feel like your voice or your cause won’t be heard or accepted. The whole purpose of this piece and of this blog is to educate people in this industry about the needs of it’s viewers and followers.

Inspirational Moments/Gamer of the Week:

Often times I find myself in awe when I go to conventions and I find the one gamer who stands out amongst the crowd. Why? Well it’s because those folks I meet, or find out about, are disabled in some way. These people have physical, or mental, difficulties that affect their lives, and yet, they have somehow overcome adversity to be able to play games just like the rest of us. The industry hasn’t heard the voice of disabled gamers and so they don’t know the sorts of technologies that can go along way into making games more accessible for them. Instead what these gamers have done is they have given new light to the term ‘survival of the fittest.’ They show an inspirational view of gaming, because they exemplify exactly what this site is about: Showing that disabled gamers and able gamers can have fun and live in a gaming environment together. Each week I’ll try and find an article or video on a player, and depending on the popularity of the piece, I’ll keep it going as weeks go on. If you know a fellow gamer you’d like to promote as a Gamer of the Week – please feel free to let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

So there you have it. There is my foreseeable future for this site, and more to be added as word arises. I love you all. Thank you all for visiting and I hope you enjoy!

– Chad K.

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