The Developer’s Den

Hey there folks, well I realized something today. I keep talking about game design and how much I’m working to design games, but I haven’t shared any of my actual work. Today that comes to an end. This page is going to be dedicated to doing two functions for Gastrogamer:

  • I’m going to be editing this page whenever I have a personal design post. This way folks can keep up with direct links to any design posts I decide to do. These can detail anything from my ventures with Game Salad/Game Maker, table top designs, story writing, art, etc. Note: I will also be putting up an Art Portfolio so viewers will be able to keep up with my work.
  • I’ll be trying to deliver a simple topic for a game that we can all work together on. What I mean by this is, take it like a mini-game jam starter. One or two sentences that would lead off as a building tool for multiple games. SO – are you ready for the challenge? Consider it like a Tweet sized gem that might boost creative possibilities!
    1. I’ve always been fascinated by text adventures, but how about designing a TEXT ADVENTURE playable that both BLIND and SIGHTED player can play together?
I encourage COMMENTS, OPINIONS, and IDEAS be posted in the Comments below. Let’s use this page as a form of BRAINSTORMING to see what wonderful creations can come out of it all! I look forward to seeing what you all think about these ideas and what you can do with the challenges! Let’s see if we can bring accessibility to ALL gamers by designing new games that break the barriers of our traditional conventions. Now let’s get to WORK!
Now this page will be updated regularly – so stay tuned for future updates and challenges!
– Chad

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