Contest: Rock the “Rochard”

Well, it’s official, I’ve reached a pinnacle in my blogging history – and to say “Thank  YOU!”  – to all of you viewers [ and to a supportive development team in Recoil Games ] I’ve decided to start a contest [ and hopefully there will be future contest given opportunity. ] Here’s what’s going on:

I’m offering up a few Steam codes redeemable for Rochard. 

Rochard Title

So here are the rules for the contest and how you can enter:

1. I’m going to be posting a poster from Rochard, and it’ll be up to you to create a unique ‘catch phrase’ comment for the star character in John Rochard.

2. You’ll need a Steam account to actually redeem the code, so you’ll need an account to be eligible to win.

3. Post your ‘catch-phrase’ in the comment box and I’ll be keeping this contest running for  2 weeks time. After 2 weeks time I’ll filter through any participants and choose the top suggestions.

4. The Top 3 suggestions will be granted as winners and receive Steam codes to redeem. We’ll determine how best to get the code to you, I’m going to presume either Facebook messaging or email would probably be best.


  • If you do – your submission will be deleted and you’ll be disqualified and will be unable to resubmit a new suggestion. I would like to keep my blog clean and appropriate and I don’t need vulgar responses mussing up my site.
SO – if you’re ready and respect the rules of the contest – let’s get started!
Here’s your inspiration to go by:

A Space Miner that even James Cameron can envy...

Show this space miner some love and give him a fitting catch phrase!

One response to “Contest: Rock the “Rochard”

  1. “Earth is all about rules and regulations, but out here in space this is all the ‘Health & Safety’ you need…”

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