Gastrogamer – Insert Coin to Replay

I’m… BACK!

[ Insert Coin NOW! ]

Gastrogamer took a bit of a fall hibernation due to increased schoolwork, but Full Sail has been good to me lately and I’ve quite enjoyed the course work over the last few months. Now, with Fall in my sights, and a slew of holiday gaming sales on the rise – I’m sort of amped up on an endorphin high with the excitement of getting my hands on some of the newest games hitting the market.

I’ve got everything from web-based indie games, to AAA blockbusters to cover, but I plan on doing it in a timely fashion. Here’s what I’ve got on my schedule in the next coming month:

  • Indie Game Coverage Galore
  • Assassin’s Creed III Review
  • Amazing Spiderman Review
  • Holiday Gaming List
  • More Inspirational Gamers
  • Wreck It Ralph! Review
  • A Tabletop Discussion: DnD and Pathfinder
  • Personal Game Development News

So, stick with me folks, and I assure you I’ll continue to provide you with continuous game info, accessibility, and discussion as we head towards the holiday seasons!

3 responses to “Gastrogamer – Insert Coin to Replay

  1. Woo! Great to see you back Chad!
    Have you got an e-mail address at all that I can contact you on?
    I have a proposition for you… *ominous music plays*

    (Don’t worry, it’s nothing creepy :-P)

    • Hey Alex!

      Yeah man. Do you have an email for SpaceGiraffe? I’ll go ahead and email you and that way we can be in touch. I’m planning on getting an email set up exclusively for Gastrogamer work, but as of now, I’ll set you up with an easy way to get in touch with me.

      Let me know and I’ll work with you. Thanks man!

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