Game of the Week: Continuity

Hey there fellow gamers. I’ve desperately been trying to find games that are accessible via a console setting for reviews – and trust me – reviews are coming for console games from Gastrogamer mark my words! I’ll sedate your gaming appetites for now though with a lovely little indie game developed by Guy Lima Jr. and Stefan Mikaelsson or as they are called Ragtime Games. The game is extremely fun, even given its simplistic nature and there’s already a sequel hitting the App Store for iPhone and iPads for 99 cents! So let’s take a look at the parent game: Continuity – shall we?

Continuity is a wonderfully simple puzzle mechanic game that relies on the use of the space bar and arrow keys [ on touchscreen devices it’s merely a touch mechanic to achieve all of the moves – accessibility ftw! ] and your goal in the game is to retrieve a key from one area of the puzzle and get it to unlock the door in another section of the puzzle. Pretty simple concept right? Well, for the first few levels I have to admit it’s pretty simple and addictive fun. The further you get though, the harder and more complex puzzles you’ll face and so it can be challenging, which is actually a great thing for indie game titles, as it allows these games to stand on the same interest level as say a mainstream title.

This is the first level - seems simple right?

The game gets more and more complex as time goes on, but the great thing is that the accessibility of this game is through the roof. The minimalistic style of the graphics allows anyone to play this game, albeit except the blind. The game is simple enough and doesn’t require much physical motion to accomplish [ I assume Continuity 2 is even more accessible with the mere touchscreen access. ]

You have to switch the tiles around to allow access to the door.

Continuity sometimes requires precision timing on switching the slides and timing your jumps, but other than that it’s a highly accessible title that anyone can play. The instructions are done visually and it’s a puzzle that can be played using simply one hand to control the arrow keys and the space bar. What I find most intriguing about this title is that I have seen plenty of ‘key grabbing‘ puzzle titles, but none have really grasped me like Continuity. There’s just something so graceful about this game. Perhaps it’s the etherial music that plays as you go through the puzzles, or the monochromatic color scheme – but this game takes my breath away at how a simple platforming game can be made so complex and beautiful.

If you like Continuity, then I recommend checking out Continuity 2 for iPad. It sounds like the game is far more intricate, but with the same simplistic style as before. It sounds as though it contains more levels than the original and the gameplay is more engaging than ever due to the touchscreen interface. I can’t wait to see what capabilities Ragtime has put out for this mobile installment of the game.

More complex puzzles = More love imo

Here’s a video of Guy explaining some of the changes coming in Continuity 2:

I’m in love with this game and even though it only has 30+ puzzles – they’re a challenge and they get your mind thinking. It’s something I think all people in this world need today. So, if you’re in the mood for a great accessible game title I suggest you give Ragtime Games indie classic a try. It’ll be worth it I promise! I can’t wait to see if I can get my hands on an Android market one, but alas, I guess I’ll have to wait till they make that decision. Till then I’ll be hoping and praying for when consoles begin to think up wondrous, accessible indie games like this. You have my love Ragtime Games. Thanks for making such an engrossing indie title that I can honestly say I’m looking forward to sharing with others!

Play Continuity Here: