Game of the Week: I Saw Her Standing There…

You know, on occasion, I find some really interesting games that I just feel compelled to comment on. I’d much rather introduce them early than wait to catch up with the masses. Today is no different, which is why I’m not waiting till Tuesday to post this. Today I’ve got a lovely little artistic game called I Saw Her Standing There… by Krang Games.

I Saw Her Standing There… is a puzzle game with tons of artistic appeal. It looks so simple, but the story is fun and engaging. You play as a small stick icon in love with a fellow icon and as you approach you realize there’s a twist to this love story…

I Saw Her Standing There… But Then She Was A Zombie.

This game has something definitely going for it: humor.

Each level is like a segment  of your avatar’s devotion to his zombie fiancee. The game mechanics can be a little cumbersome, but it’s a fun enjoyable experience for such a simple game. The puzzles involve you having to lure your zombie fiancee into a containment cage. It sounds simple, but it can actually be quite difficult due the WASD/ Arrow Key movement. As you advance throughout the game, the game adds other controls too, including a spacebar for a gun to fend off offensive zombies.

... I love you... You nom me... I don't care if you're a zombie...

This game is adorably charming, and I’d highly recommend it for someone who’s into games that are driven by a narrative concept in a game. It’s the narrative of this love story that drives you to continue from level to level, and the simple design of the game makes it easier for many players. Color blind gamers won’t have a problem with the game, and neither will deaf players. The only demographic that will have a major problem is motor impaired gamers, because it can be quite difficult with the control scheme.

I kind of wish it was a point n’ click situation, but alas, the game still delivers on a beautiful premise. The game is a testament to how sometimes simplicity can definitely mean more. There are 15 levels, so it can be a short, sweet love fest of gaming. The game is so much simple fun that I don’t really have much more to say…

… all I will say is that the ending will definitely be a surprise, and I hope that you love your virtual zombie bride as much as I enjoyed playing this new indie title. It is definitely an artistic title to say the least. I would love to see this title become bigger and better, maybe even garnish a phone/tablet game. You can play it for free though here:

I Saw Her Standing There… But Then She Was A Zombie

I hope you all enjoy!

Shoot up zombies, protect your zombie love, and learn what true devotion means via this heartwarmingly morbid title.

As always, thank you folks and happy gaming to all!

7 responses to “Game of the Week: I Saw Her Standing There…

  1. In a word, I’d say this game was ‘cute’. I really liked its simplicity and the soundtrack is really nice (although slightly repetitive after a while). It’s short, but the extras make it replayable 🙂

    • Ha! You know it’s funny, I had the exact same thoughts about the soundtrack and yeah, the cheats you earn at the end really do add to the replay value of this game. I’m totally hoping that Krang Games can keep pumping out little indie nuggets like this one – because this was just an awesome experience in one small little package.

      • So, I just checked their site too and they’re going to be releasing a SEQUEL to this game! I am stoked! They are such a cool little indie troop that specializes in flash game development and I can’t tell you how much respect and admiration I have for little studios and titles like this.

        Can’t wait to see what the next installments going to have in store!

  2. I just want to say thank you to all of you folks who’ve been supportive of my articles and spreading them around the interwebs for others to view. It’s been amazing to receive all of these positive reactions to my articles. I even got a wonderful honor of having Krang Games post this article on their Facebook page!

    Thanks Krang Games for the fellow support!

  3. So, I just checked back on Kongregate today and found that I Saw Her Standing There… just became a FEATURED game on the site! So excited for the guys over at Krang Games and glad I could help in getting the word out about your game!

    Best of luck with the sequel and I can’t wait to see more from your studio!

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